Powercore is a sidescrolling racer in wich you have to use magnets and avoid obstacles to get to the end. It is skill-based game where you have to time your attraction or repulsion of your magnets properly.

It was a group project we created for one of our gamedesign courses. Our team consisted out of two programmers and two artists.

Gameplay video


The game consists out of multiple levels which the player has to beat. At the start of each level you have to fire the cannon at the right angle to launch the player. The rest of the gameplay consists out of attracting and repulsing the magnetic strips which are attached to the floor and ceiling. The player has to get to the end of the level as fast as possible. If the player slows down too much and cannot proceed any further, the powercore will respawn and the player has to restart the level.


Powercore was coded in C# using the XNA4.0 framework, using BEPU physics as the physics engine.


My Contributions

  • Shooting with the cannon
  • Implemented the boost regions and finish zone
  • Some of the menus and the high score screen
  • The localization framework
  • Implemented the Xbox-controller controls
  • Some leveldesign
  • Sound design

The Team

Our team consisted out of the following members:

Oskar Kuijken (artist)
Jos Balcaen (artist)
Fries Boury (programmer)
Yannick Segers (programmer)