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Personal details

Name: Yannick Segers
Address: Heverlee, Belgium
Telephone number: +32497-20-30-80
E-mail: segersyannick@gmail.com
Date and place of birth: 09/08/1988 in Leuven, Belgium
Nationality: Belgian
Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/yannick-segers/81/867/195

My Profile

My primary focus is programming. I started out with general application programming in java and C#, but my interest for games made me go and study game development. This is where I further developed my C++ skills and got into the world of graphics programming. It also taught me the 3D and concept art pipeline, which gives me insights into the needs of the artists. I’m mostly interested in gameplay programming, but I also enjoy tool development and engine programming.


2010-2014: Bachelor in Multimedia and Communication Technology: Digital Arts & Entertainment at Howest Kortrijk
Participated in the Imagine Cup 2012 contest with our game Purify. Managed to get to the semi-finals (top 100 worldwide).

2009-2010: Bridging Programme: Master of Applied Informatics At KU Leuven (Unfinished)

2006-2009: Bachelor in Applied Information Technology at KHLeuven dept. Health Care and Technology in Leuven
Graduation project: Created a book-keeping program in C# for a bookstore.

2000-2006: Bookkeeping-Informatics at Heilig-Hart Instituut in Heverlee

Work Experience

2014, Programmer at Triumph Studios, Phoenixstraat 66 2611 AM Delft. Internship: February – June. Summer job: June – August.
Worked on Age of Wonders III as a C++ gameplay/ UI/ tools programmer.

  • Designed and Implemented keybinding system + several shortcuts in-game.
  • Designed and Implemented Steam cloud saving and Steam workshop integration
  • Implemented various gameplay and UI features
  • Fixed various gameplay and UI bugs
  • QA and playtesting
  • Customer Support

2009: Internship at Optis, Veldkant 33B 2550 Kontich.
Project: Worked on a file management system to be used internally at the company, together with another intern. Used Technologies: Spring, Sitemesh, jMesa, jQuery, Hibernate, JUnit, EasyMock. All of this running on an Oracle database.


Programming Game Engines Software
C++ +++ XNA +++ Microsoft Visual Studio +++
C# +++ UDK +++ Netbeans +++
Java +++ Unity +++ Eclipse +++
ASP.Net +++ Construct 2 + Fx Composer ++
Ajax ++ Autodesk 3ds Max +++
Html + PHP ++ Autodesk Mudbox ++
Javascript ++ Adobe Photoshop +++
SQL ++ Adobe Illustrator +
COBOL + Adobe Flash +
Assembly + Microsoft Word ++
Microsoft Excel ++
Microsoft Powerpoint ++

Language skills

Language Written Spoken
Dutch Native Native
English Very good Very good
French Good Good


Reading literature concerning informatics and game-development.
Playing drums and guitar.
Watching movies, reading (comic-)books, playing video-games.