Hi, my name is Yannick Segers and I’m currently studying Digital Arts & Entertainment at Howest university in Belgium.

Before I started this study, I already finished a bachelors degree in Applied Information Technology. During my time there, I created some very small, basic games like a Super Mario Brothers in Flash and a Pokémon clone in Java as final projects for my courses. This made me want to know more about game development, so I decided to try and follow a master degree about game development. I followed the bridging programme at university and found it very interesting, but too theoretical for my tastes. I’m more of a hands-on guy who likes to learn by actually making interesting projects, rather than sitting hours upon hours behind some books. I decided to go and follow digital arts & entertainment and haven’t regretted it since.

It expanded my knowledge of programming by going more in-depth on C++ and graphics programming, while also introducing me to the world of 3D modeling and level design. I also got a lot of hands-on time with game-engines and frameworks like Unity, UDK and XNA.

While I like 3D modeling, my passion still lies on the programming side of things. I also love coming up with new gameplay ideas and implementing them. Level design is also something I truly enjoy, because it’s there to complement and enhance the gameplay.

In my spare time I like playing guitar and drums, playing video games, watching movies or reading (comic) books.