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Hi everybody,

In this post I will discuss the game project I’m currently working on. The game is currently called Dungeon Mover. In it, you have to move rooms of a dungeon to make sure your adventurers get to the exit. You also have to put rooms in the right order, so the adventurers can go and pick up a sword before they can beat an enemy. There are also obstacles in some rooms, which can be cleared by first picking up a pickaxe. The adventurers will also gain levels when they destroy an enemy. The enemies and bosses also have levels, and the adventurers can only defeat them if their level is greater or the same as the enemy’s level.

I’m currently creating this game in C++, using an engine provided by our university.

I first created a small prototype of the game in Unity to test out some gameplay features. You can find a video of this here:

This is still a very rough prototype to test out the basics. There is no real AI or level generation in this version, which is why the adventurers climb to nonsensical places. I’ve also decided to ditch the climbing behaviour of them entirely and create rooms with ladders in them, so the player would have to put these on the right locations to make progress.

The Current C++ version has the path generation and updating in place and the moving of the dungeons. It also has the basics for the movement of the adventurers and enmies.

A video of this can be found here:

More updates about this project will be following soon!


So, what do you think ?

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