Dragon Cave

Dragon Cave

This dragon cave level was a 4-man group project we did for our level design course. It was completed in 4,5 months while also working on other courses.

The assignment was to create a single player level with some puzzles for the player to solve to get to the end.

In our level you are a fisherman who stranded on an island during a storm. To calm the storm down you have to bring the dragon orb to the shrine on top of the mountain.

Our puzzles were inspired by the puzzle design of The legend of Zelda, only seen from a first-person perspective.


My Contributions

  • 3D-assets, mostly for the water-room
  • Designed the water- and wind puzzle
  • Built the entrance cave, the stairwell, the water- and the wind room. Also did most of the rock formations
  • I did most of the kismet for all the puzzles, except for the turning discs and the elevator in the main room.

The Team

Our team consisted out of the following members:

Sven Roels
Marcia Van Bel
Matthias Van Cauteren
Yannick Segers